Demokrati och unga

Anförande, BSPC-konferens 2018 27 aug 2018

Dear Chair, delegates and friends.

Inspired by the ReGeneration 2030 conference I would like to address the topic of democracy. It seems to be harder and harder to get young people activated in traditional political parties. But that doesn’t mean that youngsters aren’t interested in politics – quite the opposite – young people take great part in politics but often in a different way. They seem to be more interested in specific topics, for example sustainability.  ReGeneration 2030 is a good example of this fact.

Honorable Chair,

As parliamentarians we make great efforts thinking about how to reform society. I think that time has come to work with the question “How can we reform our parties and political structures?”

For me, it’s obvious that we need to have this discussion. Many things and values that we have been taking for granted are questioned in serious ways. We can see many examples in our daily life; Brexit, a new way to lead the USA and a polarized Europe.

Around the Baltic Sea we today have great cooperation, let us work together so we can have good friendship in the future.  Younger generations need to be engaged and involved and we therefore need to evolve and adapt new ways of thinking.

Thank you.